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Shaanxi Normal University 2017 "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli" teacher award ceremony was held

Shaanxi Normal University 2017 "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli" teacher award ceremony was held

October 20, 2017 at 4:00 pm, Shaanxi Normal University Chang'an campus school building 511 conference room lights. Shaanxi Normal University 2017 "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli" teacher award ceremony was held. Shaanxi Normal University Education Foundation Secretary-General Liu Jianbin reported the "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli force" teacher award basic situation and 2017 assessment of the situation.

   In order to support the development of Shaanxi Normal University and encourage teachers to actively participate in personnel training, scientific research and social service work, China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi Normal University set up "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli force" teacher award. Bonus amount of 1 million yuan. Execution time starts in 2014 and ends in 2022. Beginning in 2014, the next year, once selected, each selected 10 outstanding teachers, each teacher awards 20,000 yuan. The number of candidates to tilt the young teachers, of which the proportion of teachers under the age of 45 not less than 60%. The award was first awarded in 2015 and is the second time this year. With 400,000 yuan, has rewarded 20 outstanding teachers.

    Li Lei, director of the Personnel Department of Shaanxi Normal University, read the "Decision on winning the award-winning teachers for the award-winning teachers" in recognition of the award-winning teachers of the " Very excited, the teacher award passed love, education, love for teachers and students, thanks to the platform set up by the school, thanks to the self-contribution of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. to win the award as a spur, to train students as the first priority , Love teacher positions, and strive to do the work.

    Shaanxi Normal University President Cheng Guangxu, chairman of the China Communications Technology Group, Shaanxi Normal University 83 graduates Wu Minxia has delivered a speech. Cheng Guangxu said in his speech: Normal University, the teacher's cradle, must produce education masters and masters. To encourage teachers to continuously improve the quality of teaching, life from teaching. "Kai Xia Yinghua - in the traffic force" teacher award features: one less one, less awards, two years award 10 people, rather lack of abuse. More than one, the amount of bonuses, 20,000 yuan. We have to do this award, cherish this honor. In recent years, the Shaanxi Normal University changes, only the Yangtze River scholars to the emergence of 13, cultivating students all over the country, a lot of rooted in the west. Scientific research results, a large number of results have been transformed. Shaanxi Shanda's influence is growing. Hope that the Shaanxi Normal University - the way of communication and cooperation more and more broad. Wish the traffic board as early as the market, bigger and stronger, for the community to make greater contributions to education.

    Wu Minxia said in his speech: In 2014, we in the traffic construction Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan, in my alma mater - Shaanxi Normal University set up "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli" award, reward work in the teaching line , Teaching effect is good, noble morality, outstanding achievements, care for students, concerned about the outstanding teachers of public welfare. 2015 in the school education foundation and other departments under the strong support of the 10 selected the first "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli" teacher award award teachers. The results of an announcement, caused widespread concern. A flower attracted the effect of flowers come out. This year, we also selected from the outstanding teachers of the 10 second "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli" teacher award award teachers. I read their deeds, very touching. They are years of commitment to teaching the front line, by the students love, teaching fruitful, led the student team repeatedly won the national and provincial awards model. We set up in the Shaanxi Normal University, "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli force" teacher award, first of all to express our feelings alma mater, my alma mater, love his alma mater. Followed by the expression of our future development of the alma mater eager and beautiful vision. In the school into a teacher education as the main features of the comprehensive research university on the road strides forward. The third is to continue to promote each other in production, learning, research and other aspects of strategic cooperation, and better to the traffic of the entrepreneurial and alma mater of the organic combination of development. We must strengthen and improve the "Qi Xia Yinghua - ZHongjiao tongli" teacher award in recognition of the work, to play a good reward of the baton, to encourage more teachers love education, advocate morality, and constantly improve the quality of teaching for the country and nation More talents

   The ceremony was presided over by Wang Tao, chairman of Shaanxi Normal University Education Foundation. Chairman of Zhongjiaotongli Co., Ltd. Sun Zhongdi, Vice Chairman of the Party Committee Zheng Shengjin, Vice President Sun Jieqiong, Vice President of Shaanxi Normal University Party Huai Hing, the relevant departments responsible comrades, award-winning teachers and so on more than 30 people attended the ceremony.