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National Grade Highway Maintenance, Reconstruction and Reconstruction Engineering Technology Postdoctoral Forum held in Zhongjiaotongli

Autumn in October, Osmanthus fragrance. On the morning of October 22, 2017, Zhongjiao Tongli Construction Co., Ltd. KONE Plaza was crowded, and KONE's writing was written with a slogan of "warmly welcome leaders, experts and scholars to attend the forum"! Floating ball were hanging warm congratulations to the national level highway maintenance, reconstruction and reconstruction of engineering technology postdoctoral forum held successfully! Highway traffic is the big artery of the national economy! Science and technology is the national Xing, science and technology strong national strong! Respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation! Technology Xing Tong, talent strong! Seriously study and promote the spirit of the implementation of the party's nineteenth! The slogan. We are immersed in the thick academic situation, traffic situation.
8:30 am, sponsored by the National Postdoctoral Office, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Zhongjiao Tongli Construction Co., Ltd., Chang'an University, Xi'an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee Hosted the "2017 National Grade Highway Maintenance, Reconstruction and Reconstruction Engineering Technology Postdoctoral Forum" held in the multi-function hall on the 7th floor of the traffic building. Liu Huimin, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, made a speech. Changan University President Chen Feng, chairman and president of Zhongjiao Tongli Construction Co., Ltd. Sun Zhongdi, deputy director of Xi'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Li Yahong has delivered a speech. Deputy secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Commission, Deputy Inspector Guo Jie read the "on the recognition of the 2017 National Grade Highway maintenance, reconstruction and reconstruction of engineering postdoctoral forum excellent paper decision." The award was awarded to the author of the award winning paper. Zhou Wei, chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, made a report on the Current Situation and Future of Highway Maintenance in China. Zhao Xiang, a professor at Chang'an University, made a report on "Pan-Connected - Intelligent Drives and Intelligent Vehicles".
In the afternoon, four sub-forums, such as grade road maintenance, reconstruction and alteration engineering, bridge and structural engineering, highway greening environmental protection technology, pavement materials and maintenance technology, strengthening and improving postdoctoral management, were held. Wang Hai-nian, Wang Jingwei, Hou Xu and other experts and scholars for the sub-forum made a special report. Postdoctoral scientific research personnel, engineering and technical personnel around the road traffic engineering technology in the cutting-edge technology, incurable diseases, post-doctoral management difficulties and problems such as academic exchanges, academic contention.
On the morning of the 23rd, the conference delegates visited Chang'an University Key Laboratory. Among them, the traffic museum, the new road technology and accelerated loading research platform, people - car - road collaborative research platform to enrich the knowledge of representatives, especially unmanned (smart) cars to delegates eye-opener. We generally feel that the forum is well organized and productive.
Forum by the Zhongjiao Tongli Construction Co., Ltd. party secretary radar, Zhongjiao Tongli Construction Co., Ltd. Chairman, President Sun Zhongdi presided over. The author of the paper, engineering and technical personnel, postdoctoral research station (workstation) management staff, more than 200 people attended the forum meeting.